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In Memory of Rangakara Prabhu

by Kesihanta dasa

Posted January 23, 2009

Rangakara Prabhu passed away earlier this month. The following is an excerpt from his eulogy:

He was born and grew up in New York. He joined the Army and after his service to his country, eventually he ended up in New Orleans. There, around 1980, he met the Krishna devotees and felt touched by this religious calling. He decided to dedicate himself to the path of service to Krishna. In New Orleans in 1980 Rangakara accepted initiation from Srila Jayapataka Swami and took his vows as a dedicated follower. Later, in September of 1988 he and Lalita Sakhi met and married in New York. Then onto Denver, where Vrindavana Lila was born. . . .Vrindavana was the joy of his life.

Whether he was living in New Orleans, Gita Nagari, Denver or Alachua, he was always busy serving. He was widely known for his ever present, bright faced smile. Sometimes as a full time temple devotee, sometimes as a security guard, sometimes caring for the oxen in Gita Nagari-one of his favorite services, or most recently as a nursing assistant with the elderly, whatever was required of him, he did, with a smile.

Devotees and friends of Rangakara Prabhu who would like to make an offering in his memory are requested to visit and make a donation in his name.