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Memories of Hari Priya devi dasi

by Nitya Siddha das
United Kingdom

Posted January 18, 2005

It was with great sadness that I heard about the untimely passing of Hari Priya prabhu from this world on 22nd December 2004.

Hari Priya dasi, the dedicated and loving wife of Isvara das, was born in England and became a devotee of Krishna after hearing from Srila Prabhupada.

In the 1980s, her husband ran the Spiritual sky business from a small factory in Worcester, England. During that time I worked as a salesman for Isvara's company and came to know and respect him and his wife Hari Priya and their nice children, Saci, Kirti and Sharada.

They lived on a beautiful farm, not far from the Spiritual sky incense factory in Worcestershire. After working hard in the factory all week, Isvara and Hari Priya prabhus would organize a Sunday programme for devotees, which included chanting, Kirtan, lecture and a nice feast.

Many devotees from the local area, including myself, would attend the programmes, which brought everyone together and enabled the devotees who lived nearby to attend a Krishna-conscious meeting without having to travel too far.

Hari Priya and her husband would also organize festival days for large numbers of devotees from all over the UK. They worked very closely with our dearly departed godbrother, Tribhuvanath das. During the eighties, Tribhuvanatha prabhu organized many festivals throughout the UK and was a regular visitor to Isvara's and Hari Priya's farm.

I remember on one such occasion over 200 devotees attended a festival there. Everyone was made welcome and there was sumptuous prasadam for all. The festival was held over two days and, on the second day, Lord Balarama's appearance day, Hari Vilasa prabhu read pastimes and gave a lecture about Lord Balarama around a campfire in the evening. Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the festival and appreciated the warmth and friendliness that was shown by the hosts, Isvara das and Hari Priya dasi.

Isvara also gave big donations to Tribhuvanath prabhu to help him with his festival programmes.Throughout this time Hari Priya prabhu always selflessly served her husband for the good cause of spreading Krishna consciousness and uniting and reuniting many devotees.

Hari Priya dasi will always be remembered for her selfless service and remain in our hearts as a kind and genuinely caring soul who had real warmth towards her fellow godbrothers and godsisters and all other human beings.

May the Supreme Lord always protect and watch over this beautiful soul.