Chakra Announcements

Sri Rama Prabhu

by Urmila d.d.

Posted January 14, 2005

It is heartbreaking to read of Sri Rama Prabhu's illness. Sri Rama Prabhu selflessly served the children of ISKCON, although he never had a child of his own. He publicized home schooling, which started in ISKCON under his guidance. He helped push for high academic standards for ISKCON's schools at a time when academics were not so much of a concern. And, he bears primary responsibility for bringing child abuse to the attention of the GBC and devotees in general. He wrote a GBC resolution for preventing and dealing with child abuse, pushed until the GBC understood the seriousness of the situation and passed the resolution, and arranged for devotees, such as Sita Prabhu in the UK, to get the training necessary so that teachers, administrators, and parents would learn how to protect our children. His health has never been good, but he has a heart of gold. I remain in his debt.