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Devotees request help for Sri Ram das

by Vaikunthanath das

Posted January 11, 2005

Thank you so much for posting the article regarding Sri Ram prabhu's illness. A number of devotees called him as a a result of this article. He told me that nothing has made him happier or warmed his heart more than hearing from his godbrothers and godsisters. He expressed much gratitude to you for posting the article.

I received a phone call from H.H. Trivikram Maharaj last night. He too had read the article and called Sri Ram das. The reason he called me was that he became aware that Sri Ram and his wife are in serious financial distress and in danger of losing their apartment. Trivikram Maharaj suggested that perhaps a second article could be posted in which Sri Ram's condition is updated, and which invites small donations to help him and his wife survive this awkward situation.

As you may know from the first article, Sri Ram prabhu was in the hospital in extremely critical condition, possibly close to death, with a possible stroke and lung failure. He was unconscious for two full days. Fortunately, by the grace of Lord Krishna, he has passed the worst of it. He has come back fully to consciousness.

He continues, however, to remain in an extremely weakened condition. He has expressed much gratitude for the prayers by many devotees, to which he attributes his survival. He also is very grateful for the phone calls he has received from the devotees. We would request devotees to continue to pray for Sri Ram das.

Sri Ram is a disciple of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, and has been a dedicated member of the Hare Krishna movement for many years. He traveled with the Radha Damodar bus party in the early days. He served as minister of education and also as principal of the Lake Huntington Gurukula. He spent a number of years in eastern Europe and Russia pushing on the mission of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. His devoted wife, Narayani dasi, is from Russia.

Sri Ram is a kind soul, who has been fully devoted to spreading the teachings of Lord Sri Krishna to the suffering souls in this material world, and is greatly loved by many devotees.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, Sri Ram and his wife are in serious financial distress and in danger of losing their apartment. Any small donations will help them survive this difficult period. They can be sent to Sri Ram's wife, Narayani dasi. Checks should be made out to Nellie Klimek and sent to her at 6016 Sunrise Vista Drive, Apt. 64, Citrus Heights, California, USA 95610. Those wishing to speak with Sri Ram on the phone can reach him at (916) 705-7621.