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A letter of apology

by Raktambara das

Posted January 9, 2005

Dear Prabhus,

Please accept my obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

A few years have passed now since I quit being the system operator (sysop) of first COM and later PAMHO.NET, and often I think back or am reminded about the many things I did wrong, and the many offenses I have committed towards various devotees.

Of course, it is hard to run a devotee e-mail system and please everyone inside and outside of it all of the time, and I did try my very best to do it as properly as possible. Especially at that time, being a young devotee both in age and in spiritual life, being fanatical and strict, I felt I was doing the right things. But now I understand I was acting on a neophyte, kanista-adhikari platform.

I don't want to pretend I have advanced much in spiritual life since then, but at least I recognize now some of the things I did which were totally unnecessary or plainly wrong, and feel bad about them. I pray for forgiveness to those of you whom I have offended or greatly annoyed during these years. If you would like to address any issue in particular, feel free to write to me at raktambara[dot]das[at]pamho[dot]net.

I believe that only when all devotees whom I have offended are able to forgive me, only then will I have a chance to advance further in Krishna consciousness. I have submitted this mail to Free Forum, the Chakra site and the VNN site and pray the respective moderators will post it, but if anyone else wants to post it as well, I wish to thank you for that.

Thank you.

Your humble servant,
Raktambara das

(not to be confused with Sriman Ramakanta das, who is presently the sysop)