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Sri Rama Prabhu Leaves His Body

by Mahashakti dasa / ACBSP

Posted January 3, 2006

It is with great sadness that I must report the loss of our dear most godbrother Sri Rama prabhu, who left his body last night (Dec 31) at home while in his sleep. Sri Rama was convalescing from a long and difficult illness that left him bedridden and virtually incapacitated for over a year. He leaves behind a most devoted wife, Narayani devi dasi, who served him faithfully and lovingly.

Sri Rama prabhu (Thomas Klimek) was an exceptionally bright individual and a direct disciple of Srila Prabhupada. He served in the New York temple in the 1970's in a management capacity and later briefly served in Philadelphia temple as the president. In the 1980's, Sri Rama served as the headmaster of the gurukula that was located in Lake Huntington, New York. In 1990, Sri Rama went to Russia to help with the fledgling gurukula. Together with his future wife whom he met in Russia, they worked diligently to have the gurukula properly registered as a religious ISKCON school. Sri Rama was also a highly competent astrologer and enjoyed offering his services to devotees.

Because of his illness, he and his wife lived very simply surviving on money provided by the state of California. Therefore, we are currently accepting donations to cover the costs of a private cremation ceremony. Interested parties can send an email to