Chakra Announcements

Sri Ram seriously ill

by Vaikunthanatha das

Posted January 2, 2005

Sri Ram prabhu, an early disciple of Prabhupada, has been hospitalized with pneumonia. After showing initial improvement, his condition took a turn for the worse when an air bubble entered his vein as his IV was removed. He is now in intensive care in a hospital in Sacramento, CA.

Sri Ram was initiated in New York and has a long history of ISKCON service. He was treasurer of the 55th street temple, served on the Radha Damodar party, as headmaster at Lake Huntington gurukula and as ISKCON Minister of education. He was very concerned when he later heard about mistreatment of gurukula students and advocated for abuse investigations and better child protection guidelines.

His wife Narayani is asking for prayers from the community of devotees and would love to hear from those who have known Sri Ram during his time in ISKCON. Her legal name and address is:

Nellie Klimek
6016 Sunrise Vista Drive, Apt 64
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
Phone: (916) 276-4348