Looking for Maheshvara
by Christian Hergenroeder
Posted January 2, 2003


I am a devotee from Germany and I am looking for a devotee whose name should now be Maheshvara d., and is a disciple of Gour Govinda M.

He was in 1993 in Vienna for some time before he went to India , where he also got initiated. He was the first devotee I got in contact with, he gave me the BG and other books, and through this I became a devotee and my life changed. I would really like to find him, and thank him. This desire has been with me for years now, but I never knew his name. A friend of mine who lives in Vrindavan, who was at the same time in Vienna (1993), said that he knew him, and told me his initiated name, and that he should now be living in Bosnia.

Thank you for your help,

Bh. Christian, Munich