Chakra Announcements

Madana Gopala Das

by Lilavilasini dd

Posted February 8, 2007

Would like to request all devotees to please pray for this devotee HG Madana Gopala Das who is on the last stages of fighting cancer of the stomach and head which showed up only 2 months ago .. Last week Friday and Saturday the doctors gave him only a few hours to live as He was in coma and didnt even reconize anyone around him, His breathing was difficult then devotees from around Rome area went and chanted for hours. Then he started to make some signs of recovery. He has become very serious in KC and has changed into another person: the Real Madana Gopala.

Yesterday (Sunday 5th Feb) he recognized my husband and myself and also other devotees who came and he seemed to look intensly at everyone who comes into the room as though he is remembering his pastimes with each devotee and appreciated all those around him. I dont see that he has the desire to remain here in the material world anymore but to go and join his dear spiritual master. BSD Maharaja Which he was looking at the photos of intensly.

Yesterday my husband was reading the letters which I stamped out that all the devotees had already wrote out on the Vaisnavas care Web site, and he was listening very carefully to each word and could see that he really appreciated it all. So thanking all the devotees who took time to write and please continue to pray for his safe return home or to stay with us as Sri Krsna desires. You can send prayers to my email so his brother (also devotee) and staying by his side 24 hours can read them out to Him personally.