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Appreciation of Srimate Shyama dasi

by Radhanath Swami

Posted August 27, 2004

The departure of Srimate Shyama Dasi is certainly a sad loss for the world. She was one of those very special intimate associates of Srila Prabhupada, who showered extraordinary affection upon her. In the early years of ISKCON she assisted her husband Hayagriva Prabhu in editing Srila Prabhupads books. She was an affectionate mother to us in New Vrindaban. She nurtured our hearts with faith as she expressed her love for Srila Prabhupada. With a most sweet enthusiasm she loved to speak of Srila Prabhupadas merciful qualities. Her selfless service as a mother and disciple was a source of great inspiration. Her natural devotional qualities were foundational in the beginning years of Lord Chaitanyas movement in the west. As an offering of love to Srila Prabhupada she and Hayagriva Prabhu gave birth to two wonderful sons, Samba and Hari Prasad.

On the day of San Francisco Ratha Yatra she eagerly anticipated attending. While in this state of enthusiasm to serve and see Lord Jagannath, she was taken by the Lord and her merciful Guru Maharaja.

I gratefully worship the remembrance of this of this special soul.