Chakra Announcements

Bhojadeva Severely Injured In Manipuri Blast

by Sacirani dasi (Imphal, Manipur, India)

Posted August 22, 2006

This is an earnest request for all the devotees to pray for safe recovery of His Grace Bhojadeva das, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada who was severely injured in the tragic terror attack during the Janmastami celebrations at ISKCON Manipur. A hand grenade was thrown into the middle of the Pandal (a temporary hall built for cultural performances during the festival) where the Manipur traditional Rasalila performance was being held. Near to the performance, Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Maharaja was seated along with important guests. Bhojadeva prabhu was sitting next to His Holiness. It appeared that the grenade was targeted to His Holiness but landed near to Bhojdeva prabhu. A total of five devotees have left their bodies so far. Bhojadeva prabhu took most of the explosion in the direction where they were sitting and was thus severely injured. He saved other devotees from being severely injured. I was also saved by Bhojadeva as I was sitting just behind him.

When the explosion occurred Bhojadeva prabhu was chanting with both his hands crossed near the chest, and that saved his life; his stomach and chest were protected by the hands by the blessings of the Lord's Holy Name. However, he sustained severe injuries in his face and left arm. He had an operation on August 17. His eyes were damaged and are still swollen. He is able to open and see through his right eye. Unfortunately, he is not able to open the left eye, and he is not responding to the light. His nose was also damaged and broken. His nasal cavity is open up to the sinus. Along with blood from the damaged area, there is also fluid coming from his brain. Doctors say it will take a few days before the opening of the nasal cavity is closed but they are worried that some infection that could proceed into the brain might develop.

Today he is fully conscious and speaking. Doctors say that he is recovering quickly. He is stable and completely Krishna-conscious and thanking the Lord for saving him by giving him "less than that is deserved" by him by his karma. We have given him water. Tomorrow, if possible, we will give some fluid or solid prasadam according to the situation. The day after tomorrow we are hoping to take him to Calcutta for better treatment. After a few days, if he is able to walk and is fit, he will be taken to his residence in Bangkok. Meanwhile, we are all very much worried about his left eye and possible infection that may develop in the brain.

Bhojadeva prabhu is a very rare devotee of the Lord. As an example of his intensity of devotion and faith in the Lord, he was chanting even while he was on the floor with severe injuries after the blast. Please sincerely pray to the Lord to protect Bhojadeva prabhu to give us his valuable association, guidance and inspiration to serve the Lord. Hare Krishna!