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New Orleans Devotees Released from Hospital

by ISKCON Talavan

Posted August 14, 2005

Dear Devotees,

Hare Krsna! Here's an update on the condition of the devotees from New Orleans temple who were involved in Monday's tragic accident:

Divya Gopal and Mathura Krsna Prabhus are out of the hospital, and flew back to New Orleans yesterday. Topi Krsna and Uttama Prabhus will be released and will be flying home today.

Antaratma Prabhu's condition remains serious. He's still in the ICU, with the extent of his injuries still unclear. Please pray for his recovery.

Saci Dulal Prabhu also remains in the ICU in very critical condition. The doctors are recommending surgery to relieve pressure on his brain, and that will probably be performed today.

We are very grateful to the devotee community for their support and generous response to our appeal for emergency funds. The donations we have received will help cover the emergency travel expenses, however we are still short of the amount needed to cover the funeral arrangements for Mani Bandha Prabhu's body. Any little bit you can contribute will help. Send checks to the address below or PayPal to

Thanks again for your donations and prayers.

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