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Seven New Orleans Devotees in Fatal Van Crash (Update)

by Dasanudas Vanacari

Posted August 14, 2005

(August 10th)

Dear Devotees,

Hare Krsna. Sorry for the confusion. Here is the clarification:

Donations can go throught the "Adopt-a-cow" program for now, a the New Talavan Website.

Saci Dulal (not the prabhupada Disicple from New Dvarka) is in very serious condition with severe internal injuries and his chances of survival are perhaps 5%. Antaryatma Prabhu is also in serious condition with numerous broken bones and spinal injuries that are expected to leave him paralyzed. Most of the other devotees will be released sometime today except for Topi Prabhu who will remain hospitalized for a couple of days more.

The cremation of Mani Bandha's body will probably be tomorrow in El Paso. That's the latest as of five minutes ago. Thank you so much for your prayers and donations.