Chakra Announcements

Akhilananda das has a Heart Attack

by Mrgaksi dasi

Posted August 12, 2004

I'm writing to request the prayers of the devotees for Akhilananda Prabhu who suffered a heart attack on Thursday and underwent quadruple bypass surgery today. He is expected to recover nicely but will need much rest and inspiration from his Vaisnava friends. If you want to send a card, his address is 995 Jennings, Salem OH 44460.

Akhilananda dasa has served Srila Prabhupada for over thirty years and was the mold maker for the F.A.T.E. project. He is a wonderful devotee father and enthusiastically plays his trumpet in kirtans. He is a friend to everyone he meets. Please remember him in your hearts.

Thank you!

Your servant,
Mrgaksi dasi