Chakra Announcements

Seven New Orleans Devotees in Van Crash

by ISKCON New Talavan

Posted August 10, 2005

Dear Devotees and Friends of New Talavan,

Hare Krsna! With great regret, it is our duty to inform you about a serious car accident affecting seven devotees from New Orleans yatra. They were returning from the LA Rathayatra Festival when the accident occurred near El Paso, Texas. Here is a link to a local newspaper report describing the accident.

Mani Bandha Prabhu has left his body, and Saci Dulal Prabhu is in very critical condition in the Intensive Care unit of Thomason Hospital (915)521-7700. It is not yet known whether Saci will survive.

Antaratma Prabhu (Ashis Halder) is presently unconscious and in serious condition at Beaumont Hospital (915) 569-2121 and (915) 569-1717 for ICU, and will probably remain in hospital for at least 6 weeks.

Mathura (Manas Mandal), Divya Gopal (Dibyendu Jana), Uttama (Uttama Pal), Saci Dulal (Sacin Ray), and Topi (Tapan Mandal) are in satisfactory condition and doctors expect them to be released from hospital within 24-48 hours.

Yogindra Prabhu, Mother Maharani, Sarvajaya Gauranga and Makhanchor Prabhus have driven to El Paso to make funeral arrangements for Saci Dulal Prabhu and to take care of the others.

We have an urgent need for emergency funds to take care of this devastating situation. Air tickets are extremely expensive, and as of now we do not have the means to bring these devotees home and take proper care of them. We also need funds to cover the cremation of Mani Bandha's body. To donate or help out in other ways, please contact Dasanudas Vanacari at this email address or the phone number below.

Thank you very much for any assistance, and please keep these devotees in your prayers.