Chakra Announcements

Krita Karma prabhu leaves his body

by Advaita Prabhu das

Posted April 30, 2004

Krita Karma was much loved by all the devotees passing through Vrindavan in the late seventies and eighties, where he worked night and day to serve the Vaishnavas visiting the dham. He was renowned and admired for his humility and tireless service attitude. Dozens of devotees from all over the world -- Italy, France, UK, America, Germany, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Spain, Australia, South America and and numerous other countries including even the Middle East -- joined ISKCON in Vrindavan under his guidance while he was bhakta leader, a phenomenon that has never reoccurred on that scale since he left the dham. In this Krita Karma fulfilled Srila Prabupada's vision of Vrindavan as a place where people from all over the world could come and take up the process of Krishna Consciousness. His departure from this world will be lamented by all those who remember his enthusiastic and indefatigable service, especially by those whom he made devotees, such as myself, by dint of his inspiration and example. Krita Karma especially loved the Jagannatha deities in Berkeley, whom he served while on Visnujan's Sankirtana party, and returned to Berkeley after he left the dham. We pray that Lord Jagannatha may remember only his devotional service and overlook any failings he may have had.

The Berkeley deities, Krita Karma prabhu served: