Chakra Announcements

Ramabhadra Prabhu (1957-2008)

by Tirtharaj Das

Posted April 26, 2008

Rambhadra Das was born in Western Australia on the 5th October 1957 to a family of country people. Raised in a rural environment he developed the easy going, happy go lucky traits that endeared him to others throughout his life.

He was one of the early devotees to settle on New Govardhana where he spent several years working the fields and helping to establish the fledgling community. Hard working and passionate, yet friendly and open to others he developed a deep attachment to Sri Sri Radha Govardhanadhari the presiding Deities. His commitment to chanting and kirtan cemented his Krishna consciousness. He spent years touring India with Puri and Nitai, his sons, on Padayatra distributing the mercy of Lord Chaitanya.

In the last decade he was focused on earning a living yet he always spent time visiting the Holy Dhams and chanting. His friends and family deeply grieve his passing from mortal vision, yet also take comfort in knowing that he rendered so much service for the devotees, ISKCON and the Holy Dhams.

We all miss you Ram.