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Meeting Nrsimha in Union Square

by Nam Sankirtan das

Posted April 23, 2005

Mother Daksi's article about her son is powerful, compelling and raw. I was moved by it. Chakra is doing a wonderful service to the devotees by having a forum like this. Koti dandavats to the devotees in Early in the morning, I usually go to Chakra to see what the devotees around the world are up to.

The first time I saw the article of Mother Daksi was on April 19. I was stunned by the article because I had met her son in Union Square, 14th Street, in downtown Manhattan during the holiday season last year. I was selling t-shirts, buttons and patches during the holiday in New York City. Another devotee and I had set up a table to try to make money for the hoilday season.

At any event, around noon he stopped by our table, a bit high. I saw the neck beads, so I said, "Haribol!" He was surprised. I told him, "You've got neckbeads; that's how I know."

He told me his name was Nrsimha das and that he use to live in New Vrindavan. Now he was staying with his sister in New Jersey. He stayed by our table for a while, then the next day he came back again around noon. He was more sober and clean-looking. I said, "Haribol, Nrsimha!" Again he was surprised, and he asked, "How do you know my name?"

I said, "Well, I talked to you last night." He said he did not remember a thing. I replied, "It's cool. I know what you're going through. I've been there." We talked about going to rehab or detox. He told me he was on methadone, but taking less milligrams (to overcome his addiction). He was actually doing well. He had this sense of calmness in him.

I asked if he wanted to have lunch. I kind of insisted. He agreed. I let my friend watch our table. We went to a deli. I told him, "Get anything you want, Nrsimha." He picked up an apple, an orange and a banana. I said to him, "That's all?" He said, "Yes."

He was so humble; he was a nice kid. I wrote my cell phone number in the back of a book he was reading. It was like a story book, the sort of book people read on the subway. I hugged him, and told him to call me anytime. That was the last time I saw or heard of Nrsimha (till I read the article on Chakra).

I am very saddened to hear what happen to him. May the good Lord Nrsimhadev bless Nrsimha das. If there is anything I can do for his mother, I hope she will let me know.