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Remembering Suhotra Das

by Payonidhi das

Posted April 12, 2007

It is with fondness I remember Suhotra Prabhu, though I have had so many dealings with him in the past and if I would recall them all it would be far too entertaining.

I will pay my obaisences to his feet and remember all the sincere devotional service he has rendered to Srila Prabhupada . He was a staunch devotee for many years in Germany assisting Harikesa during those day millions of books where distributed in Germany. I recall one marathon in december 1983 where he was firing up all the devotees, and more than 60.000 Maha big books was distributed in this one month of December.

Later in 1987, I remember he was visiting the devotees in Denmark before the December marathon that is now known as the Prabhupada marathon. He gave a great class about surrender to Krona and gave the example how in the old wild west movies there is often the phrase, if you don't "vice up the will be curtains" Similarly if we don't surrender to Krsna fully there will be curtains for our spiritual life. Later he checked up with us sankirtana men again, and he was asking me about my day on sankirtana, I had met some nice family from Belgium that had bought some books.

Not long after that he became GBC for Belgium. I did not see much of Suhotra Prabhu until on some occasions in India, and I remember one occasion where I was in a dispute with some devotees over whether it was OK to rent the temple out to Indians for demigod worship etc., this was in Mayapur of 1996 he really appreciated that I was fighting for Srila Prabhupada to have a better standard. Suhotra Prabhu did much preaching in Europe and inspired many devotees there. He was preaching to priests, scholars also and interlectuals,he wrote many things about Krsna consciousness and did his utmost to serve Srila Prabhupada.When he joined I know he was on the library party with Satsvarupa Maharaja selling Srila Prabhupadas books to libraries. He loved Mayapur and spend much time there. Having left his body there I am sure he went straight to the abode of Lord Caitanya.

I saw Suhotra Prabhu just recently in Mayapure and he was in good KC spirit chanting powerfull rounds while circumbulating the Pancha tattva ,Lord Narasimhadeva and Radha Madhava. I will always remember him with affection. He was a very surrendered soul at the Lotus feet of Lord Narasimha. May Lord Narasimhadeva protect him and bring him safely to the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya.