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Russian Devotee Drowns in Ganges

by Vrindavan Lila Dasi

Posted April 11, 2008

5 y/o in the Moscow Bhaktivedanta Gurukula

The day before Gaura Purnima this year we lost a very talented and prominent gurukuli boy, Krsna Das (Krsital Valery). He was born in Moscow to Bal Krsna das and Savitri dasi. He was a very open and friendly character, a talented movie-maker and an enthusiast of keeping the gurukuli family united.

Several boys had been playing in a boat on the Ganges, diving and swimming. Krsna das's friends prompted him to jump off the boat also. Although he was a good swimmer, he badly misjudged the speed of the water where the boat had moved to. When he did jump in the water for the last time, he was swept away by the powerful current of the Ganges.

We have lost a very valuable young member of our society, full of potential to preach effectively and to attract people to Krishna consciousness through his art and personality. This is very grievous loss for our society and to his family. He had made several movies; one of them (about the Anapa festival) was presented at the ITV Film Festival in Mayapur and won a prize. His last film was called Kuli-Mela (about a gurukuli reunion in Russia).

Ever since I first knew Krsna das (as a baby) I have always noticed how spiritually inclined he was. He was very Krsna-conscious even as a baby, then as a child and, when he had grown up into a young man, his personality really shone among his friends. I very much feel the pain his mother is going through, knowing her personally. Krsna das was her only child; she had him late and was bringing him up with unlimited motherly love and care. He was her precious treasure.

Of course we are not in control of destiny, but we certainly could pay better attention to each other's existence and endeavours in Krishna consciousness. We, who stay back to live our lives, have to think more carefully how we handle the priceless vaishnava association we have been given by the causeless mercy of Srila Prabhupada. Every vaisnava going out of our life is a loss that can't be measured... and, if we really feel that way, we would try to take better care not to lose anyone unnecessarily or "accidentally", because "accidentally" means wastefully. There would be lot fewer accidents if we would care to protect each other.

At the funeral Savitri prabhu, the mother of Krsna das, said that she felt as if all gurukulis were her children. She offered her help, association and motherly love to all friends of Krsna das and to all gurukulis. We all have no doubt that Krsna das is now in good spiritual care, whatever destination he has gone on to. One who dies in Mayapur is certain to get the attention of Srila Prabhupada and of Lord Chaitanya.

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