Chakra Announcements

Unfortunate Passing Away of Bhava

by Radhika

Posted April 9, 2006

Sadly, we are informing the devotee community of the passing on of Bhava Bhavani Dasi, previously known as Janmastami Dasi and recently re-initiated as Bhakti Devi.

Bhava left her body aged 49 years, due to multiple organ failure at Worcester Royal Hospital, March 30th 2006. She was admitted to hospital two weeks previous to this with pneumonia. Within a day she was admitted to critical care, where she remained on life support for the remainder of her life.

At the time of her passing Bhava was anointed with water from 108 Holy Rivers, marked with sand from Vrindavan, decorated with tilac and tulsi leaves. She was surrounded by her family and friends who sang Kirtana and as Bhava left us peacefully she held her Japa Beads and listened to the soothing sound of Srila Prabhupada chanting the Holy names.

She will be sorely missed by her children Sube, Radhika and Rama, her beloved partner Veni and all other family and friends who knew her. Especially when we are in need of her famous 'Bhava Hugs!'

We are confident though that she has gone to a more blissful place, free from the material encasement she was often to refer to as 'Bogging Bodies'.

There will be a Cremation and Spiritual Service on April 13th at 11am at Worcester Crematorium, followed by a Celebration of Her Life from 4pm at Christchurch Hall, Malvern. All are welcome.

If, however you can't be with us then please think of Bhava on this day and send us all your prayers and good vibes to salute a Very Lovely Lady and a humble servant to Krsna.

For more information please contact..... Sube on 01684 577182 (UK), Radhika on 07746 437195 (UK) Or email....