Vaishnava Summer Camp in Croatia
by Dadhibhaksa das
Posted May 5, 2003

Balkan ISKCON devotees have organized a Summer Camp to be held in Kraljevica, Croatia from Aug. 23 to Aug. 31, 2003. Featuring seminars by at least five lecturers, the Summer Camp will be held in the Ostro camp of Kraljevica, 20 km south of Rijeka on the Adriatic Highway when driving towards Zadar and Split.

The program of bhajans and Gaura-arati begins with lunch prasadam at 2:30 in the afternoon Aug. 23. There are several parallel lecture tracks; among speakers already confirmed are Bhakti-Tirtha Swami, Jayapataka Swami, Krpamoya das, Krsna Ksetra das, Sacinandana Swami and Sridhar Swami.

While all prices given below are in Euros, payment is in Croatian Kunas (HRK) according to the exchange rate then in effect. Camp registration is 0.93 Euros (currently 7.30 HRK).

You may pitch a tent for two for 5.93 Euros (46.45 HRK) per person per day, or stay in a bungalow for 7.18 Euros (56.25 HRK), per person per day. Bungalow prices include the use of one electric bulb and one socket. Bedding (pillow and sheets) is paid for separately, 0.50 Euros per day (3.90 HRK). Bungalows should be booked in advance.

Breakfast and lunch prasadam are 5.30 Euros (41.50 HRK) per person per day. Seminar fees are 4 Euros per person per day (31.35 HRK).

For more information:

Rijeka -- Kulturni Centar Bhaktivedanta, Ivana Zajca 6/2, 51000 Rijeka Tel. +385 98 697 436

Zagreb -- Centar za Vedske Studije, II Bizek 36, 10 000 Zagreb Tel. +385 1 3492 468

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