Gaurpurnima Festival 2003 in Mayapur
by Tusti Mohan Krsna das
Posted March 28, 2003

Dear Devotees

Dandavat Pranams, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

Today (18-3-2003) on this most auspicious occasion of Sri Gaurpurnima (The appearance of the Golden Avatar Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu), we would like to share some nectar and pictures of our activities in Sri Mayapur Dham.

Thousands of devotees attended this important festival, and the halls of our temple were fully packed with devotees from many countries and thousands of pilgrims from West Bengal, most of them coming to see the new outfits of Their Lordships, as dictated by tradition. Sri Sri Radha Madhava Astasakhis in Mayapur are considered some of the most beautiful in the world, as well some of the best decorated, and the dresses that the Deities wear are commonly commented on, and attract all of the devotees. After Nrishimhadeva arati and Panca Tattva arati, everyone was eager to see the new outfit of Radha Madhava and Astasakhis. Time was flying while kirtan was going on, but as usual, it takes extra time every Gaurpurnima, Radhastami, and Janmasthami, since so many things have to be done inside the altar.

Finally when the altar was opened devotees started shouting loudly, "Haribolllllll..!!!" when they saw how beautiful Their Lordships were, and Their colorful new dresses, decorated with flowers in a very elegant way.

I personally was eager to run and take pictures of all the Deities and send them to you as early as possible thinking that devotees in western countries would wake up and login so they can see this beautiful form of the Supreme Lord.

After Govinda prayers, HH Sacinandan Swami lead the kirtan and Srila Prabhupada procession which this time was held in different halls, so ladies could do Srila Prabhupada puja in one hall, and the gentlemen in Sri Panca Tattva temple.

Tens of devotees, including myself, jumped to the platform before the altar to start taking pictures to the Deities. It happens like that with journalists or photographers when they are covering an important world event, but this time it was the transcendental beauty of their Lordships that was attracting everyone. Definitely Sri Sri Radha Madhava captivate the hearts and minds of devotees more and more day by day.

We will be posting on our website all the activities that are going to happen in Sri Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir. Please visit to be updated on Mayapur festival.