Festival of India Hawaii 7-Week Winter Tour 2003
by Daivadas
Posted March 25, 2003

Come plunder the storehouse of love of God with Pancatattva in Hawaii! The Hawaii Vaishnava community and supporters of Vedic Culture present the first ever Festival of India Hawaii 7-week Winter Tour 2003. We cordially invite friends and well-wishers from around the world to participate in the Festival of India on the island of Oahu. The festival will take place at the islands most beautiful and highly populated beach parks from December thru January, as well as downtown Honolulu and on university and college campuses.

We invite all transcendental preachers and talented performers to please come, and share their many Krishna-given arts in Hawaii's beautiful Vaikuntha-like tropical setting and saturate this part of the world with ecstatic Krishna consciousness, which Srila Prabhupada so appropriately named New Navadwip.

Madhuha dasa will be coming to Oahu with his crew of hardworking devotees, and the entire traveling road show of exhibits, dioramas, stage, tents, etc. The scheduled 7-week tour during Hawaii’s beautiful warm Winter Holiday season will be a unique opportunity for sincere devotees to participate in presenting the all-attractive Vedic culture of India. It is the first time the 35-tons of transcendental paraphernalia will leave the shores of the mainland USA to embark on such an extended tour. This juggernaut of an undertaking is dependent on the generous support of well-wishers both in Hawaii and abroad. We are still in need of more funding. The initial cost to bring the paraphernalia and crew is $31,000, and the cost of bhoga, books, and other festival-related expenses is about $15-20,000. Please share in the mercy of supporting this huge 7-week preaching event to a population of about a million inhabitants and thousands more tourists. The impact of your support will be far-reaching for the glory of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya's Sankirtan movement. Every contributor will be offered ad space in a beautiful full color Festival of India Hawaii Souvenir Directory. You can list your service or offer your blessings in the form of a verse in honor of family or your favorite Deity. We also have booth space available for your products/services during the festival.

If you would like to offer financial support to the Festival of India Hawaii Tour please go to: http://www.festivalofindia.org/html/foi_donate.html to give your on-line contribution for these Hawaiian festivals and to advertise your business/service to thousands of tourists from around the world or participate in any other capacity. Your gift can also be sent and made payable to: "Hawaiian--Festival Of India Tour"; P.O. Box 108; Sandy Ridge, N.C. 27046. All contributions towards the Hawaiian Festival Of India Tour will be held in a special trust account to be used only for the Hawaiian Festival Of India Tour. We will be reporting how the fund-raising and other planning (permits and logistics) activities are coming along as this wonderful preaching opportunity develops. By the grace of Krishna and His beloved devotees we are hoping to achieve 75% of our fundraising goal by early summer or sooner to guarantee sufficient preparation time to plan a very successful tour. Aloha and Hare Krishna!!!

Tentative Tour Dates: