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Dr Liladhar Gupta at ISKCON Convention Radhadesh

by ISKCON Radhadesh

Posted July 1, 2003

Dear Maharajas, Prabhus and Matajis,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We would like to remind you all that from 1-5th July in Radhadesh Belgium, there will be a wonderful meeting of vaisnavas for sanga, kirtana, and discussions on topics about Krsna.


Dr Liladhar Gupta will also be coming and will be available for consultations. Please find hereunder some more info on Dr Gupta.

Dr Liladhar Gupta comes from an Indian Brahmanavaidya family, who have had Ayurvedic doctors in four generations. His father introduced him to Ayurvedic knowledge and preparation of ayurvedic medicine, which they produce according to ancient tradition. After he graduated from college and received his Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry, he studied medicine for 11 semesters and finished his studies in 1992 as Ayurvedic doctor and surgeon. Apart from his medical practice in India and the establishment of an Ayurvedic Clinic (Dhanvantari Dhama) in Vrndavana, India, Dr. Gupta receives many invitation from foreign countries to teach Ayurvedic therapists, to give seminars for beginners and advanced students. He can also be approached for personal consultation during his stay. Dr. Gupta has the vision to intoduce Ayurveda to the Western world and especially point out that Ayurveda is a truely holistic healing method, also integrating the spiritual dimension - but at the same time being totally practical, modern and scientific.

Looking forward to your association,

Your servant,
Rasa Parayana das

For making reservations at the guesthouse please contact: Radhadesh Guesthouse, Tel/fax: 0032 (0)86 38-71-31,


All travel inquiries should be sent to:
Petite Somme 5
Tel: 0032 (0) 86 38 71 31

When you are in Belgium, how to arrive to Radhadesh?

***By Train***

From Brussels or from Luxembourg:

From Liege:

***By Car***

We have a temple car with 8 passenger places. The prices given are for one trip. The cost is divided amongst the number of passengers. A devotee can pick you up from:

Brussels Central Airport 46 euros
Charleroi Airport 36 euros
Airport Luxembourg 60 euros
Liege 20 euros

For travel please confirm by fax 0032 86 32-29-29 or e-mail to when you want to be picked up and where you will be arriving.


Please remember that there are *2* airports near Brussels. One is called 'Brussels Airport' and is very close to the city centre. The other is called 'Charleroi' *or* 'BRUSSELS SOUTH'. This airport is much further away from Brussels. When you give us details of where you want to be picked up from *PLEASE* check which airport you are going to. This is to avoid any confusion and long waits, which can occur if we get incorrect information.


When you attend the seminars the price is:

125 euros for dormitory (regular temple facilities)
165 euros rooms for 4-5 persons with attached bathroom (guesthouse facility)

If you require special facilities please mention this to Rasa Parayana when you are booking your accommodation.

*Sorry, there is no third world fee*

When you bring your own caravan or tent we give 10 % reduction on the above prices.

When you attend the seminars and you bring your own caravan or tent:

We give 10% discount on the above prices.
Children under 5 years: free
Children 5-12 years: 6 euros (per day)
Children 12+ years: 12 euros (per day)
Adults (not participating in the seminar): 12 euros (per day)

For devotees who stay in Radhadesh but who are not participating in the courses the fees are:

Children under 5 years (who don't need mattress): free
Children under 5 years (who need mattress): 7.5 euros (per day)
Children 5-12 years: 7.5 euros (per day)
Children 12+ years: 15 euros (per day)
Adults: 15 euros (per day)