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Life Skills Seminar

by Malini d.d.

Posted September 30, 2003



Create powerful results in your, spirituality, relationships, career and life.

Course Description


In this course you will:

"Each exercise was filled for me with unbelievable value. I had so many realizations. It's as if I got new glasses to look through, at the world and myself. This course is so powerful. It changes the heart."

Facilitator's Profile:
Dhira Govinda dasa

Dhira Govinda dasa (Dr. David Wolf) holds a Ph.D. in Social Work, and his doctoral dissertation is entitled Effects of the Hare Krnsa Maha-Mantra on Stress, Depression, and the Three Gunas. His writings include a book entitled Krsna, Israel, and the Druze- An Interreligious Odyssey, and several publications on Vedic social and mental health science in leading journals in the fields of psychology and social work.

Over 20 years presenting workshops and seminars on empathic listening, effective communication and accountability throughout the United States and internationally, in Vaisnava communities and in society at large.

Dynamic and effective communicator who utilizes extensive audience participation and experiential exercises to enhance learning and retention of information.

"Your thorough and personal approach in presenting the course, and your expertise as a teacher, added greatly to my learning experience. You constantly demonstrated the empathic mood and the proper application of the skills, both in role-playing and in dealing with us personally. Had your personal example not been so good, the course would not have had the same impact on me."

Seminar Hours

Friday, October 1, 4:15 p.m. (Registration).
Course 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. with a break
Saturday, Nov. 1, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. (approx.)
Sunday, Nov. 2, 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. (approx.)
There will be two breaks and a one and a half hour lunch break on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday and Sunday vegetarian lunch will be provided as part of the seminar.

Where: Gainesville, Florida, USA


Dhira Govinda Prabhu's practical two-day seminar on "Life Skills" was both educational and enjoyable for Canadian ISKCON Leaders as well as future leaders who attended. They all requested a sequel. - Bhakti Marga Swami

Thank you for this course. For me it was inspiring and interesting how you put it within a Krsna Conscious framework. I have a view that your course should be an integrated part within the training and teaching of our leaders, preachers, managers, etc. - Smita Krsna Maharaja

I wish to again THANK YOU for your Mayapur seminar entitled Vaisnava Minister Couseling Course. Attending it was a highlight of my Indian pilgrimage; Vishakha and I found ourselves repeatedly discussing its merits. - Yamuna Devi Dasi, Saranagati

Not only did you present knowledge on specific skills, but you also gave knowledge that improves and empowers our overall state of consciousnessˇ­I will definitely recommend this course to others. It was structured and presented better than any of my college courses. - Karl Delaney, UF Student

I feel that the listening and counseling skills presented, as well as the personal-transformation tools, are essential for anyone acting in a pastoral role, guiding others and caring for their spiritual life. Such skills should be considered the sine qua non for any congregational director. - Carlo Oppecini, Editor, Congregational Preaching Journal

I truly enjoyed the personal transformation life skills workshop. I know these skills will only serve to enhance my work with clients and relationships with my family. - Norma Rivera BSW, social worker

This training provided me the opportunity to learn skills that will enable me to help others, and to gain many spiritual realizations. And most importantly, through this seminar I've become empowered to change that part of me that I would like to change. - Dr. Arun Vibha, Physician

Seminar Guarantee

If after attending the full seminar you are not satisfied, you can notify Satvatove within 24 hours of the end of the seminar and request a refund of the entire tuition.

CEUs Awarded

For this course Nurses receive 21 CEU (State of Florida provider #FBN 3483), Massage Therapists receive 20 CEU (provider #MCE-417-03), Respiratory Therapists (# RCE 143), Licensed Acupuncturists (# BP 02-126).

Tuition includes: Approximately 22-hour course, course material, and lunch
Regular tuition: $195
Super saver registration: $175, when you register by October 10th.
Group and students discount: Call to inquire

Register Online:
By phone: 352.538.7191
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PO box 1694
Alachua, Florida 32616