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Radhastami night darsan in Mayapur

by Vrindavan Lila d.d.

Posted September 15, 2003

The 2003 Radhastami night dress was orange in color and made with great love and devotion by the devotees of the ISKCON Mayapur community, supervised and organized by Ramadevi Prabhu.

Some of these photos show the Vaisnavis who were making the Radhastami night outfit for Sri Sri Radha-Madhava & the sakhis, to acknowledge their service, especially Ramadavi Mataji, who organized it and put a lot of energy and hard work into making the nightdresses for both Janmastami and Radhastami. As can be seen many other women participated in the sewing and making the beautiful garlands for the occasion.

On Radhastami night Sri Sri Radha-Madhava enjoyed watching the fireworks, some of which were really amazing. The whole day was filled up with happiness, lots of service and prasadam.

Here are some photos of Radhastami day darsan in Mayapura. These dresses were made by the hands of the community devotees under the supervision of Jananivasa Prabhu, Kesavi Prabhu (day dress) and Ramadevi Prabhu (night dress). Photos were submitted by Vrindavan Lila prabhu.

(1) Latika Bhakti prabhu making flower garlands

(2) Ramadevi prabhu sewing a night outfit

(3) Mayapura devotees ensure a perfect fit

(4) Krishna surrounded by Sakhis on Radhastami

(5) Deities of Madhava, Radhika and Visakha