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World Animal Protection Day

by Krishna Candra das

Posted September 12, 2006

We are organizing a very big event for the world animal protection day. The Swiss devotees rented the biggest place in the middle of the City of Zürich and will be presenting to the public all the animals that an average Swiss citizen eats in his or her life. All the newspapers and television will bring it as news. You are all invited to participate or to arrange a similar event in your place.

Your krishna candra das

Happening on the World Animal Protection Day

Wednesday the 4th of October 2006

11.00am - 19.00pm

Zürich, Bürkliplatz

Vegetarian food - information boots - prominent vegetarians

"Animals are my friends - and I don´t eat my friends!

We are a colorful group of people, who take action for the animals and their wellbeing. Our project:

On the World Animal Protection Day we would like to show, how many animals an average Swiss person eats during his/her life. That is:

measured by Pro Viande, Schweiz, Metzgemeisterverband, Bundesamt für Gesundheitswesen

We´re going to get all these animals together on the biggest public square in Zürich.

Every single one of us eats such a Zoo!

With this happening we would like to address the responsibility of the individual, and make people realize this moving fact.

We don´t aim to create feelings of guilt. Rather, our aim is to create understanding and insight, to awake a feeling of connectedness, which in the busyness of everyday living is all too easily forgotten.

Our happening shows the real meaning of culture, culture being defined as follows: Culture is not just about enjoying beautiful things, rather it´s about caring and nourishing, protecting everything that´s alive. Therein is also an engagement towards ethically unbearable and reprehensible conditions - a commitment towards every living being!

To be against animal mistreatment is easy. Just like it´s easy to be against war, terror and poverty. It obligates to nothing. Real love of animals, where we not just like the animals and are pleased about them, but also not kill and eat them - requires an engagement, a conscious effort. And every single one of us are confronted with this on a daily basis: Whilst eating.

The feelings of animals are similar to those of humans. They are living beings, who can feel pain. They eat, move around, and relate to us. They allow us to caress them. Do they not deserve compassion from our side? Do we have the right to eat them?

With this happening we would like people to consider, that what we eat on an everyday-basis actually has consequences. The fact that every single person has an influence on the world, becomes very visible in the example of eating meat: The death of hundreds of innocent animals.

To become conscious of something being wrong, is the first step towards changing it.

We invite you - as a visitor or as an active supporter - to take part in this event.

Contact: Krishna Candra das Phone 0041-41-879-00-09


On behalf of the animals, we thank everybody who is supporting the project!

Donation account: aktion Welttierschutztag, Zürich PC: 85-315085-4