Chakra Announcements

Govardhan Puja At Gita Nagari

by Sudevi devi dasi

Posted October 27, 2007

On Saturday November 10th we are celebrating Govardhana Puja Annakuta ceremony at the gita nagari farm. We are inviting everyone to please come and participate in this wonderful ceremony of worshipping Govardhana hill.Beingthe special month of Kartika we are requesting all the devotees to please cook some preparation and bring it to be offered to Giriraja.

"charity,penanace, homa, and japa give unfading results when performed during Kartika. Moreover, whatever one donates,especially eatables,for lord Vishnu's satisfaction,yields perpetual results".

This is a quotation from kartika mahatmya. Any questions please contact sudevidasi at or at 717-527-4476. Thank you very much. Hare Krsna.