Chakra Announcements

Transformative Communication And Self Empowerment Seminar

by Marie Glasheen

Posted October 15, 2006

David B. Wolf, author of articles such as Authentic Living: Essence of Vedic Teachings (May/June, 2006) and Living our Vision through Clear Intention and Consciousness (Sept./October, 2006), will conduct a Satvatove Institute ( Foundational Seminar from November 10-12 at the Days Inn at 1901 SW 13th Street in Gainesville, Florida. David developed the Vedic Personality Inventory and is a leading researcher and scholar on mantra meditation and other Vedic sciences. He founded the Satvatove Institute and conducts spiritually-based personal development, communication and leadership seminars worldwide.

In the Satvatove Foundational Course you will have a safe and powerful opportunity to examine assumptions by which you live your life, and to transform your behavior as a result of your insights. Also, you will acquire effective communication strategies as a basis for fulfilling interpersonal relationships, teamwork and community building. Thousands of people in more than a dozen countries have derived profound value from this unique experiential seminar. Take advantage of this special opportunity happening in north Florida. Early registration, group discounts and special scholarships are available. To register, or for more information, contact Marie Glasheen at 386-418-8840 or email,