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Pastimes of Lord Damodara

submitted by Hare Krsna dasi

Posted October 8, 2003

[Sri Sri Radha-Damodara take an ox-cart ride to tour Their fields and enliven Their devotees.]

A visitor's song:
"I don't say here it's overdone, but where I come from
the Deity is more worshiped in awe.
Here They go out on Damodara sports,
cavorting down the factory lift,
or crashing through the tall cornfields
without a thought that it's strange or rough!
I get the feeling He loves to play,
and somehow He's conveyed that to His servants.
who provide such times -- and that's special.

As Rama and Krsna, the Lord walked the earth,
and also as Damodara the same is true--
you can see and feel His oxcart's tracks,
the chains for His swing hang in the tree,
and He's seen and been seen everywhere.
Radharani goes too -- for the fun -- both wrapped
in Their sheep-wool chadars when it's cold
and Their gold auras outshine the beauty of the skies.

I heard once Prabhupada came here too,
and he drank clear water from Damodara's spring,
tasted the same burnt-dark capatis
and said they were "ecstatic."
So even when He's not out there in person,
it's His friends who are walking, working, and playing
in the fields of Damodara,
with Damodara's bulls,
and Damodara's cows."

(from The Worshipable Deity by Satsvarupa dasa Goswami)