Chakra Announcements

Devotees celebrate Radhasthami

by Preeti dasi
Vrindavan, India

Posted October 1, 2004

Sri Radhe-Shyam! A very happy Radhasthami! Srimati Radharani has shown Her mercy upon us.

We celebrated Radharani's birthday very, very enthusiastically, and also we prayed for all the devotees who were not present at that moment. On that day Srmati Radharani changed Her dress four times. Here are photographs from mangal artik and the 4:30 afternoon darsan, as well as a close-up of Her feet.

Among the nice speakers on that day were Mahanidhi Swami, Bhurijana das prabhu and Aindra prabhu. At Abhiseka time Aindra das sang very, very nicely, so that the whole temple was in the mood to serve Radharani devi, and then we had a nice feast with Her birthday cake,which was really huge.

After Gaura artik at 7:30, our dear Radhe-Shyam Deities sat in a palanquin and circumambulated the temple; that was amazing. All the gurukulis had fireworks, and all the men and women devotees, as well as the whole audience were dancing in ecstasy.

At the very last, at 10:00 p.m., we again had Srimati Radharani's darsan, which was really full of zeal.

Actually it is very hard to describe Her birthday, but I hope you will understand something of the day from these photos.