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Kulimela - Future Events And Dvd Release

by Kapila Monet, Kulimela Organization Team

Posted November 28, 2006

(Kuli - family, community, or tribe; Mela - gathering)

Kulis commit themselves to a number of initiatives following the success of the first Kulimela event held in New Vrindavan this summer.

Kulis from around the world have all pledged their energy and time to press forward with future gatherings using the formula of Kulimela. This formula is expressed in the newly released, high quality, inspirational, Kulimela dvd.

Truly, Kulimela was different. It was a time where we embraced the inherent hope and empowerment of the youth born into this movement. We have begun taking the next step, moving from a group of sisters and brothers who "endured" to a focused community looking to the future.

The highlight dvd, now available at, will be welcomed as a memory by everyone who attended, as an introduction to those who missed it, and as an inspiration to all parents in the movement. All proceeds support and future Kulimelas.

The summer of 2007 will be an even more comprehensive year for Kuli empowerment, and all at a more local level.

Planning is underway for a large June event in Alachua where the local youth community will gather to develop all aspects of community. It will include seminars, entertainment, workshops, coordinated networking, children's activities, and spiritual energy and more. Visitors from around the globe will be welcome, but the focus of the event is very much about engaging Alachua.

LA reunion will be developed and extended in 2007 to include more networking, a stronger agenda, a more exciting location, as well as entertainment. We are hoping to involve the entire West Coast in this development, and are looking for people who feel inspired to help.

For those more interested in international developments, planning is under way for a Russian Kulimela to be held in Moscow in June of 2007. It will be exciting to have some non Russian visitors attend this exciting, first-time event.

Finally, there are big plans underway for another Kulimela in Radhadesh, Belgium for summer of 2008. This will focus on gathering and energizing Europe, but again be a welcome opportunity for all.

Our hope is to work together with Kuli's from every walk of life. Although many include ISKCON facilities, and we appreciate working with Pandava Sena and Iskcon Youth etc, the door is open for working with other organizations to maintain an inclusively not dependent on religious definitions.

"We believe it is very important that we come together with a common voice in particular to help one another, especially those who have and possibly are suffering abuse, but also to discover our leadership, to engage one another, and to facilitate each other in our spiritual and material endeavors." Kapila


To buy the dvd visit: Click Here. The trailer can be watched here: Click Here.

For anyone outside the USA or Canada there are some dvd's available from Kapila for 10.00 plus shipping. Email: kapmonet[at] We are also working on a downloadable DVD for those who would like to burn it, please let me know if this is your preference. It would still come with a cost as all proceeds are donations to future melas.

Alachua Kuli Event 2007: If you are interested in attending or participating, contact Govinda Syer at ssyer[at]

LA Reunion development 2007: if you can help or feel inspired please contact Chaits at cwalker5[at]

Russia Kulimela 2007 : Please email Krsna Das in Russia, bleechka[at] or contact Kapila at kapmonet[at] for more information.

Radhadesh Kulimela 2008: Contact Baladeva for more information at onebala[at]

Background information:

For more information please visit:,, , and visit and search for kuli mela.

Kulimela was a festival to inspire and showcase the 2nd generation in a mood of personal and spiritual development. A variety of seminars, workshops, and entertainers provided an exciting environment in which we were able to network and explore who we are as a community. Topics ranged from 'Millionaire Minds' to dealing with the effects of Emotional and Physical Trauma onwards to mock stain glass making.

Importantly, we did not forget our own children. And a Kids Camp was one of the key components of the whole event.

The event had more than 540 registrations, and we estimated over 700 attendees on the Saturday. We had more than 200 people volunteer, over 60 workshops, dozens of entertainers, and we raised over $34,000. We are particularly inspired to see donations from a variety of economic bands. Truly, this event was funded by the entire social group, and every dollar was needed, whether it was a cheque for $20 dollars or for $2,000.

In the end we pushed out of our old shell, reached out, and realized there is a future beyond our horizon. It wasn't perfect of course. But it was inspiring, and we are determined to make it better. We are determined to take advantage of the energy we discovered at Kulimela and put it to use in our own lives, and in our community.