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Youth Spiritual Adventure Tour, Mexico

by ISKCON Youth Ministry

Posted November 21, 2005

From December 16, 2005, through January 3, 2006, a bus full of Hare Krishna youth will travel on a spiritual adventure tour through Mexico. We'll visit temples, go on Harinamas, share Krishna conscious realizations on top of pyramids and take our morning bath at jungle cenotes and turquoise beaches. Organized by Manu, Jaya Radhe and Krsnapriya of ISKCON Youth Ministry.

The tour website contains a detailed itinerary, schedule and sign-up information.

All youth ages 15 and up are welcome to apply. This tour is a great way to get inspired in Krishna (God) consciousness and make spiritually minded friends your age.

Parents and older devotees: Anyone of any age can get involved with this happening project. We have summer and winter tours throughout North America, as well as weekend adventures for younger youth. Volunteer your time. Give a donation. Contact us:


Call our office: 386-462-0605 (4:00 - 6:30 p.m., weekdays)

Or call: 386-418-3839 (Manu and Jaya Radhe's home)

One click to get involved.