Chakra Announcements

VPA second annual promotional tour

by Mangalananda das and Yamini dasi

Posted November 18, 2004

Our new tour began November 5 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. You may have seen last year's tour promoted in the Vaishnava news media. It was a great success. We performed 58 concerts across the U.S., and more are planned for this year. These events are part of a strategy to raise awareness of Vaishnava Performing Arts, Inc. and its objectives.

The reception we got in coffee houses and other acoustic venues was wonderful, and giving concerts for devotees and getting to feel the love we all share for Krishna proved to everyone present the power of performing arts.

If you are a performing artist interested in participating in VPA, or if you want book us for a Home Concert or other event, please visit or call us at 304.639.4268.