Chakra Announcements

Mayapur festival accomodation

by Bhakti Purusottama Swami

Posted November 16, 2003


Dear Devotees,

In Mayapur all rooms with attached baths are full, but we still have accomodations available for devotees who want to share dorms with others.

Please write to Sidhartha Das to book your accomodation.

Please note:
Room bookings for the Mayapur Festival will close on November 31st, so we request all devotees who plan on attending to write us as soon as possible. Again, write us only for accomodation in dormatories, not private rooms.

As these dorms will soon be filled up, we advise devotees to bring tents. We are arranging different areas near the Gurukula and other places where devotees can set up their tents. Whoever plans on bringing a tent must inform us in advance so that we can make proper arrangements for tent placement.

Even if all rooms in the guest houses are full, we would still like to encourage devotees to come to Mayapur festival . We are sorry that we will not be able to provide a room with an attached bath to every one, but devotees can still spend a few days in the Dham with simple accomodations, and take the opportunity to associate with thousands of devotees and experience this most historic festival -- the instalation of Pancha Tattva deities at Mayapur.


Here is a very good opertunity for you to serve devotees during festival. It is said that one of the best services to get blessings of devotees and become freed from offences is to feed devotees. Where else will you get devotees from around the world in such large numbers? This a great opertunity for you to serve devotees around the world by feeding them prasad in the Holy dham Sri Mayapur, on the most auspicious event of the Gaura Purnima festival during which Lord Pancha Tattava will manifest in Their life size Deity forms. Throughout the festival, free prasad will be served to all the devotees.

You can sponsor prasad by contributing only $800 per one time prasad for one batch of devotees. Or you can donate any amount you are able to afford for this great cause.

Please contcat Bhakti purusottam Swami E Mail -


During Mayapur festival 2004 the mini-market will open from 20th Feb and will remain open upto 6th March.

This year we are expecting thousands of devotees from all over the world. This mini-market facility has been serving devotees for many years by helping them to get different devotional articles. Devotees can sell and buy devotional paraphernalia and books from this Mini Market.

To get a stall to sell your things it will cost Rs 5000 and to put up a table it will cost Rs 3000.

Please contact Purananda Das to book your stall as soon as possible, E Mail -