Chakra Announcements

Gopashtami in Mayapur

by Padmalochan das

Posted November 10, 2003

Here are some photos from Gopashtami celebration in Mayapur. There was a special darshan of Srimati Radharani's Lotus Feet; after that devotees went to serve the cows by cleaning the Goshala, washing the cows and feeding them. And, of course, senior devotees were talking about the importance of cows for our spiritual progress and describing childhood pastimes of Krishna with His cows. After the program devotees had prasad -- kichari and rasagulas.

All photos by Vrindavan Lila dasi

[1. Elaborate Gopashtami decorations of rice flour]

[2. Srimati Radharani's lotus feet]

[3. Flower-adorned Sri Giriraj deity]

[4. Radha-Madhava deities at Gopashtami darsan in Mayapur]

[5. Children cleanse the goshalla with straw brooms and shovels]

[6. Cows enjoy a bath and rubdown]

[7. Cows appreciate green bananas . . .]

[8. . . . and especially grains]

[9. Serving kichari and rasagulas to eager crowds]