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Mahabharata to premiere in Kansas City

by Bhakta Wallace Dorian

Posted November 9, 2004

The Vedic Theatre Company in collaboration with the E.M.U. Theatre of Kansas City, Missouri is proud to announce that after more than 3 years of intense struggle, "Mahabharata" is finally being produced and will premiere in the Spring 2005 in Kansas City.

For those devotees unfamiliar with this particular adaptation, it was originally performed in New York City in 1987 and adapted and performed by the late Loca Mangala das and Sankirtana das (Andy Fraenkel).

It will be presented in a bold new revival after an 18 year absence and the play itself is very mesmerizing, fast-paced, emotional and establishes Lord Sri Krsna as none other than the Absolute Truth, God almighty Himself.

The production is being directed by Bhakta Wallace Dorian.

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