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Joyous Diwali & Govardhan Pooja At ISKCON Temple

by K.B.NAIR, Submitted by Richard Wyndham, Originally posted here.

Posted November 4, 2008

LOS ANGELES, CA - It was a full house at the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Hare Krishna temple in Culver City, for the celebration of Diwali and the performance of the Govardhan Pooja on the afternoon of Oct. 26. A mixed crowd of people sporting both Indian and western attire gathered for the celebrations.

The center of the temple was dominated by an idol of Lord Krishna holding up the Govardhan mountain placed on top of a hillock of cookies and sweets. The event started with Nirantara Dasa giving an introduction to the tale of Lord Krishna and his elevating the Govardhan mountain which was followed by a stimulating aarti conducted by three priests at the main alter and one on the floor of the temple by the side of the Krishna idol.

Devotees swayed to the chanting of " Hare Rama Hare Krishna " and the mesmeric beat of a team of dhol players while ladies from the temple went around sprinkling holy water on the congregation . Blowing of three conches by the priests marked the ending of the aarti at which point the chanting gathered pace ending in a resounding climax and concluded with members of the gathering prostrating themselves before the main idols.

As the devotees settled down, Naikatma Das told the devotees that for maximum benefit everybody circumambulate Lord Krishna on the hill seven times. A twenty minute play was enacted on the Govardhana episode. Mahaprasad was distributed to all the devotees present.