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Satvatove Foundational Seminar At the Lotus Feet Of Sri Giriraja Govardhan From 17-19 November 2005

by Narahari das

Posted November 4, 2005

You are warmly invited to take part in this beautiful seminar conducted by Dhira Govinda das.Ph.D., Master of social work degree, B.Sc in Psychology. He is a sensitive and dynamic communicator.

It will be held at Sri Giridhari Gaudiya Math at Govardhan, Radhakund Road, near Busstand, and provides a wonderful opportunity to go deeper in our own personal lives, get a better understanding of the needs and desires of the people around us, so that our relationships and sevaquality will enhance tremendously.

In the process of Saranagati we learn to accept what is favourable for our development in Bhakti. This seminar is definetly in this catagory as hundreds of Devotees have experienced and given testamonie about worldwide.

Please register now, the number of participants is limited to 108. There are good facilities in the Guesthouse with newly built guestrooms, hot water and nice prasadam.

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Foundational Life Skills/ Personal Development Seminar (27-hour):


Course Summary / Description

The course teaches techniques to help participants make appropriate behavioral changes through more effective communication.

You will acquire listening tools as a basis for modules including interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, commitment, teamwork, and assertiveness.

Through participatory activities you will examine underlying assumptions by which you live your life. This will facilitate a shift in your ability to relate to yourself and others. You can then fully engage your potential and create results in career, spirituality, relationships, and all areas of human endeavor.

You will explore the effect of your interpersonal style and refine your communication and relationship skills.

This is a concentrated, powerful communication training, culminating in self-realization and satisfying relationships. This self-understanding will improve your communication at work, with family, and in all interactions.

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