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Opportunities for Vaishnava Counsellors and Marriage Mentors

by Krsna-nandini d.d.

Posted November 1, 2003

Opportunities for Vaishnava Counsellors and Marriage Mentors
Deadline: November 30, 2003

In the last few months a group of devotees has come together to work on a Grhasta Vision for North America. We devotees are professionals working in the areas of counseling, teaching and community development. We are working in liaison with the North American Spiritual Strategic Planning Committee.

At this early stage of our planning we are implementing two initiatives and need the help of the devotees from all over North America to assist us.

Directory of Vaishnava Counselors (U.S.A. and Canada)

Our first initiative is to compile and publish a Directory of Vaishnava Counsellors.

This Directory will make contact information available to devotees who are looking for pre-marital or marital counseling, individual counseling or family therapy

Who are we looking for?

The devotees to be listed in the directory are professionally qualified and have experience working in devotee communities. The Directory will also contain a list of matrimonial services for devotees who cannot access Directory counselors in their area, as well as help-line and crisis contact numbers.

We are requesting all those devotees who are willing to provide these kinds of services and who meet the criteria above, to contact us immediately so that we can forward the registration form to you and include you in our Directory. You will be able to clearly state your restrictions regarding availability, scope of counseling, area limitations, etc. There is no cost.

The deadline for receipt of the registration form is November 30th.

Marital Mentoring Services:

Our second initiative is to provide Marriage Mentoring Training to couples from any of our North American communities. Mentoring is now a successful and established program in many religious communities.

We believe that nothing succeeds like success, and those Vaishnava couples who have taken up the challenge of navigating the often turbulent, frequently challenging, but always rewarding waters of matrimony in Krishna consciousness have much to share and pass on to younger couples.

Who are Marital Mentors?

Couples who have been married at least 8-10 years, think that they have a good relationship, and think they are spiritually strong enough to inspire and assist other devotee couples, are asked to volunteer for training.

Mentoring couples do not need to have any counseling qualifications or experience. They need to be confident in their own marriages, mature in

Krishna consciousness and have a friendly, warm service attitude towards the devotees.

Mentor Training:

We hope to provide the first mentor training opportunity in New Vrindavana in May of 2004.

Mentor volunteers will be trained by professional, experienced trainers. The intensive course will be over one to two days and there will be a modest fee to cover costs.

Mentor Network:

Graduates will be part of a Vaishnava Mentor Network. This network will provide on-going training and peer support.

Serving the devotees--The highest service:

Please take this opportunity to provide this important service to the Vaishnavas. Help to build happy, healthy, Krishna conscious communities. Lets make Srila Prabhupada's house a home.

For further information contact:
Grhasta Vision Team Coordinator.