Chakra Announcements

4th Annual Himalayan fest

by Caru das

Posted May 31, 2005

What: 4 th Annual Himalayan Fest
Where: Krishna Temple, 8628 S Main St., Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
When: Saturday, June 4th at 6 pm
Contacts: Caru and Vai 798-3559/787-1510

The 4 th Annual Himalayan Performing Arts Festival will be held Saturday June 4th at the Krishna Temple one mile south of Spanish Fork on Main St. Performing artists will take the stage from 6 pm, and present a menu of folk dance, classical Indian dance, drama, music and songs.

One presenter will be Anju Thapaliya, from Nepal, who will demonstrate the folk dancing of this mountain kingdom. The Taal Dance Company of Los Angeles will offer a unique dance experience with a fusion of progressive styles and East Indian flavored dancing. They overlay the most classically artistic and mesmerizing elements of Indian dance with a fresh, progressive style to create dance performances that are aesthetic and tasteful. From elegant statuesque poses to fast rhythmic footwork set to modern electronic tabla beats, TAAL combines years of experience by weaving traditional dance elements with contemporary ethnic textures of global music. Their expression of dance unleashes the beauty and spirit of traditional dance in an unbounded way.

The Lord of the Himalayas is Lord Shiva. His consort is the emblem of beauty, Parvati. The story of their reunion after many thousands of years will be the subject of a dramatic production, ³Shiva & Parvati.² Actors are Jai Krishna Das, Nirnaya Lohani, Caru Das, Divya Frazier, and Sydhartha Manna.

The Himalayans are famous for the yogis and ascetics who meditate there by the chanting of sacred mantras. Using a contemporary adaptation of this ancient practice, we scheduled the Wasatch Mountain Mantra Rock Band (vocalist Jai Krishna Das, lead guitar Curt Gordon, bass guitar, keyboards, harmonium, drums, and maybe a harmonica) to lead the chanting (and dancing?) to India¹s most powerful sound vibrations.

During the evening, two films will show on a 12¹ high movie screen: Himalayan Pilgrimage, and Sacred Village of the Himalayas. Throughout, festival goers can purchase hot meals of the regional cuisine, consisting of curries with homemade cheese (paneer), rice pilao, blueberry hallava, papadams, mitai(sweets), chaat (finger foods), mango lassi etc.

There will be exhibits on the art, culture, dance styles, history, and cuisine of Himalayan India. Arts, crafts, apparel, jewelry, CD¹s, brass ware, books, deities, and wall hangings will sell in the temple gift store and at outdoor booths.

Admission fee is $3.00 adults, $1.00 children.

Those who would like to call or e-mail to volunteer for 1 and 1/2 hours in the food booth or with parking etc., will receive a free festival t shirt.

For more information contact Caru or Vai at 798-3559/787-1510 or visit the web site