Chakra Announcements

Countdown To Kulimela

by Chaitanya Mangala dasa

Posted May 28, 2006

With less than 3 weeks to go Kulimela's contagious energy continues to attract many talented and wonderful people from around the world ready to entertain and inspire you.

During the day time we have a full complement of confirmed professionals and successful business people who will be in attendance including doctors, psychologists, lawyers, MBA graduates, spiritual and community leaders, teachers, technology professionals, business owners, military personnel,etc. who will be leading a variety of seminars and conferences. Whatever your interest or area of expertise, you will be able to broaden your contact base and explore new opportunities.

Our full program of evening entertainment including theatre, dance and music performances as well as some novel themes, such as a fashion show, will create a mood of festivity. Artists such as Karnamrita, Gauravani, GhoshBrothers, Rajasi, One Way, and Anapayani, amongst many others, will help lift our spirits and keep us laughing and dancing for hours on end. This festival is already well on track to be the biggest and most successful Kuli festival ever.

Confirmed groups who will be attending include Pandava Sena, Youth Ministry Bus Tour, Brit Crew, NV Crew, Alachua Crew, Satvatove , BBT, Children of Krishna, Festival of India with many more groups and individuals from all over the US and the world already with their ticket and booking.

Our families and children are an extremely important part of our lives. Organized by Chaitanya Mangala, Kulimela has extensive activities planned so that the children can have fun, make new friends and learn a little throughout the weekend. More details: Kulimela Kid's Camp

Just as the momentum for Kulimela continues to build, so does the amount of reservations at New Vrindavana's lodge. We urge everyone to secure their lodging arrangements in advance. Please visit: Kulimela Lodging for more information. As the Temple lodge is filling quickly please come prepared to camp or reserve alternate accommodations at nearby hotels. In addition, please post your flight arrival and departure information on Kulimela's discussion board to help with coordinating airport pickups.

Please note that all underage (17 and under) attendees must be accompanied by a parent, or have a parental permission slip and be accompanied by an adult guardian. Kulimela is being held on temple property - please help us to preserve the sanctity of the venue by respecting the temple area's rules and observances. Thank you for your assistance in creating the right energy.

Please check our website regularly for updates:

We look forward to seeing you soon,
Kulimela Organizers