Chakra Announcements

Sankirtana Party Shines in Palo Alto

Posted May 26, 2005

I received an invitation last week from Vaisesika prabhu about a Sankirtan party on Friday night in Palo Alto, right down the street from Stanford University. It was quite a spectacle, nearly 30 devotees showed up from San Jose, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Berlingame. A large amount of young people joined in the dancing and chanting as we managed to sing and dance for nearly two and a half hours. Satyadeva Prabhu and Vaisesika Prabhu led very nice melodies accompanied by a harmonium and other various instruments. A lot of books when out. Amogalila prabhu and at least three other devotees were passing out "KRSNA Reservoir of Pleasure", a very ecstatic Sankitana party would be putting it lightly. I'd say when others start to join in the singing and dancing; it becomes very special and potent. Hare Krishna! All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!