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Himalayan Festival June 2

by Krishna Temple, Spanish Fork, Utah

Posted May 25, 2007

The 6th Annual Himalayan Performing Arts Festival will be held Saturday June 2nd. at the Krishna Temple one mile south of Spanish Fork on Main St. Performing artists will take the stage, and present a menu of folk dance, classical Indian dance, drama, music and songs, according to the following stage schedule.

  • 6:00 pm: Movie Screening: Himalayan Pilgrimage
  • 6:00 pm: Simultaneously on the outdoor stage: Nam Hatta Band, Chants of the Himalayas
  • 6:30 pm: Sashi Kalaskar on sitar, Ted Weiss tablas
  • 6:50 pm: Shatakshi Goyal will perform Bharat Natyam Dance
  • 7:10 pm: Anju Thapaliya and students, Folk Dances of Nepal
  • 7:30 pm: Sri Rasalila, *Bharat Natyam Dance
  • 8:00 pm Drama: Arjuna Fights Lord Shiva.
  • 8:15 pm: *Puja Allepalli Dance Program
  • 7:40 pm: Drama: Savitri and Satyavan
  • 8:15 pm: Shreyas Hoskere on flute/saxophone, Swaminathan on mrdanga
  • 9:00 pm: Kirtan & Bhajans
  • Continuous Q & A by Aja Govinda Das & Sri Hari Yoga by Brajendra

Throughout, festival goers can purchase hot meals of the regional cuisine.

There will be exhibits on the art, culture, dance styles, history, and cuisine of Himalayan India. Arts, crafts, apparel, jewelry, CD’s, brass ware, books, deities, and wall hangings will sell in the temple gift store.

Please note there are 150 parking spaces on the temple property. Parking is free. There is no need to park on the road, and walk a long way to the event. For more information contact Caru or Vai at 798-3559/787-1510 or visit the web site

*The dances of Ras Lila:

Shudha Brahma Parat Para RAM - Hymn to Lord Rama interwoven with pure dance - Chatushra Allarippy .

The pure spirit, the original, the one beyond time, Lord Ram!

He lays on the serpent bed that is Shesha's body. Lord Brahma the creator worships Him. He is the jewel of the Raghu Dynasty, the beloved son of King Dasharath and Mother Kaushyalya. He is the slayer of demons and the mystic golden deer. He protected the sages in the forest. The one who married Sita Devi...I salute Lord Ram!

Mahabharat Shabdam - Story from the great Epic of all times, Mahabharat.

Duryodhan's wicked uncle Shakuni has challenged King Yudishtir to a unfair game of dice. Duryodhan wins everything one by one. Yudishtir loses his kingdom, his 4 brothers and finally even his beloved wife, the most beautiful Draupadi.

In the sabha (conference hall) Duryodhan calls his brother Dushasan to bring Queen Draupadi to him, since she now belongs to him. Dushasan goes and when Draupadi refuses to accept that she has been lost in a game of dice without her knowledge, he drags her all the way to the hall by her long beautiful hair.

Dushashan decides to disrobe Draupadi in front of all the assembly to celebrate his evil victory. Draupadi pleads for protection, but everyone is silent. She tries to hold her sari with her hands to protect her chastity, but the lusty Dushashan is strong, seeing no hope she lifts both her hands up in the air in full surrender and cries out "He Krishna, He Govinda" pleading to the supreme Lord to protect her. And what a wonder, Dushashan keeps pulling Draupadi's sari, but the sari keeps getting longer and longer, protecting the queens chastity. After pulling for a long time Dushashan falls exhorted on the ground. All glories to Shri Krishna!

Bho Shambho - It's a salute to Lord Shiva, from who's matted locks the merciful Ganges flows. Who is the surrounded by ghostly creatures and can save us from fear, who is endless and blissful. Who appears in form of a lingam. Who is glorified by all sages and performs his amazing tandava dance as Nataraja.

Tha dances of Puja Allepalli*

On Saturday, 2nd June she will present the following repertoire Mallari with Gajananam Slokam

One presenter will be Anju Thapaliya (her photo is on the poster) from Nepal, who, along with her students, will demonstrate the folk dancing of this mountain kingdom.

Featured Bharat Natyam Dance performer Raslila has an exciting biography, as below:

Rasalila started her journey into the world of dance when she was 6 years old. She completed the National Choreography School of Bulgaria and then received the prestigious Scholarship from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to study Indian Classical Dance and music under the renowned Guru Padmashri Saroja Vaidyanathan. She spent 7 productive years in India's Capital, New Delhi, imbibing all the nuances of the rich and ancient Vedic culture. Rasalila traveled to perform dance dramas in all the major dance festivals in India along with the troupe of her school. She also had the chance to perform twice in front of the then Prime Minister of India, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpai. Rasalila gave 7 fully blown solo performances while in India and received positive reception from both the public and press. She also became the face of popular ayurvedic skin care products called NOMARKS. Since then she has traveled to perform and teach dance workshops to Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Panama and the United States.

Rasalila is presently based in Los Angeles.

From Denver, and fresh from all all India dance tour, Puja Allepalli will grace the Himalayan Fest with her presense. Puja Allepalli is not only acclaimed for the perfection of her dance but also for the vibrant energy she radiates on the stage. Her personal style blends clean geometric lines, perfect hand gestures with accuracy and brisk footwork. She has performed extensively in India and in the US. Her performances have received wide acclaim by the eastern and western audiences. Having dedicated her life to this art form she founded ‘Shivanjali’- a center for Indian Classical dance in Denver, Colorado where she imparts training to the students in Bharatanatyam in its pristine form. She is the disciple of the renowned Bharatanatyam exponent, legendry Padmasri Adyar K. Lakshman

The Lord of the Himalayas is Lord Shiva. From the great epic Mahabharat, there are many legends of Lord Shiva. One such legend will be reenacted under the title “Lord Shiva Fights with Arjuna”. In addition, the Vaikuntha players plan another drama, the story of Savitra & Satyavan also from the Mahabharat.

During the evening, two films will show on a 12’ high movie screen: Himalayan Pilgrimage, and Sacred Village of the Himalayas.

Shatakshi Goyal who is 15 years old and has been learning Bharat Natyam dance from Sudha Vasudevan for last 6 years, will perform Dasavatara in the rhythms Ragam Revathi and Thalam Adi. Shatakshi is a junior in Electrical Engineering at Boise State University, Boise, Idaho and has performed at several cultural events worldwide.

Sashi Kalaskar and Shreyas Hoskere will perfom sitar and flute/saxaphone mini concerts. Sashi will be accompanied on tablas by Ted Weiss. Shreyas Hoskere will have Swaminathan with him playing the mrdanga drum. Some biographies of the artists are below*.

Ayush Goyal, Shatakshi’s brother, whose biography is below, will handle the Questions & Answers Booth during the event.

Braj is a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor, with a combined teaching experience of over 12 yrs. He studied under the direct tutelage of the Iyengar family at the prestigeos RIYMI institute in Pune india in 2002, and had successfully completed the certification process in the U.S. He has taught Yoga internationally incuding Mayapur, India ; Odessa, Ukraine; Sofia- Bulgaria; and other place in the U.S. Currently he teaches at the Govinda's Yoga studio in West Los Angeles.

The Iyengar method is renowned world over for the precision and passion that his teachers have when instructing the students, it gives a great deal of importance to correct sequencing and holding of each asana as well as the intricacies(alignment) of the poses.

Anyone who takes a class during the festival will get a chance to get familiar with yoga first hand and experience the benefit of yoga and time permitting, the teacher may give an individual sequence of asanas to practice to improve whatever condition a person may have or just to get more fit.

Minimum age required: 7 yrs old. Suggested Donation: $5 for children aged 11 to 17. $8 for adults. Kids less than 11 yrs old go free of charge, provided that a parent or guardian gives the consent for class participation and present during the class. Please bring your own yoga mat or cotton rag if you have it for hygiene purposes, though a few new mats will be provided.

Throughout, festival goers can purchase hot meals of the regional cuisine, consisting of curries with homemade cheese (paneer), rice pilao, blueberry hallava, papadams, mitai(sweets), chaat (finger foods), mango lassi etc.

There will be exhibits on the art, culture, dance styles, history, and cuisine of Himalayan India. Arts, crafts, apparel, jewelry, CD’s, brass ware, books, deities, and wall hangings will sell in the temple gift store and at outdoor booths.

Admission fee is $ 2.00, $ 1.00 children

For more information contact Caru or Vai at 798-3559/787-1510 or visit the web site

*Shashi Kalaskar- I am from Pune, India. My hometown is the cultural center of the State I lived in. Great artists from all over India came to perform in prestigious music festivals in Pune. These events influenced me deeply, and formed the basis of music I have been attempting to play. I learned sitar from Pandit Sachhdanand Phadake. I received music grant from the Utah Arts Council to learn sitar from maestro Shujaat Hussain Khan. I have performed at various cultural events and concerts here in the US and in India.

*Shreyas Hoskere is a disciple of Vidwan Sri S.A. Shashidhar - a disciple of Vidwaan Dr N Ramani. Shreyas has been performing professionally since 6 years and has given concerts in the UK, US and several prestigious stages in India. He plays the bamboo flute - the musical instrument of choice of Lord Krishna and also plays the saxophone in the traditional south indian (Carnatic) classical style. Shreyas is now a resident of Salt Lake City for about 4 years.

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