Chakra Announcements

Fifth Annual Himalayan Performing Arts Festival

by Caru Das

Posted May 22, 2006

What: 5 th Annual Himalayan Fest
Where: Krishna Temple, 8628 S Main St., Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
When: Saturday, June 3th at 6 pm
Contacts: Caru and Vai 798-3559/787-1510

The 5 th Annual Himalayan Performing Arts Festival will be held Saturday June 3rd. at the Krishna Temple one mile south of Spanish Fork on Main St. Performing artists will take the stage from 6 pm, and present a menu of folk dance, classical Indian dance, drama, music and songs.

One presenter will be Anju Thapaliya (her photo is on the poster) from Nepal, who, along with her students, will demonstrate the folk dancing of this mountain kingdom.

Nalini Landar, the National Champion of belly dancing in Russia in 2003 and Moscow's best solo executor in 2004, will perform Classical Indian Kathak dancing, which she has been studying for five years. Nalini runs her own school now of both Indian and belly dancing in Seattle.

The Lord of the Himalayas is Lord Shiva. From the great epic Mahabharat, there are many legends of Lord Shiva. One such legend will be reenacted under the title "Lord Shiva Fights with Arjuna". In addition, the Vaikuntha players plan two more dramas, including the Scholar and the Boatman, and a comedy called Dracula Gets A Gita.

During the evening, two films will show on a 12' high movie screen: Himalayan Pilgrimage, and Sacred Village of the Himalayas.

Shatakshi Goyal who is 14 years old and has been learning Bharat Natyam dance from Sudha Vasudevan for last 5 years, will perform Dasavatara in the rhythms Ragam Revathi and Thalam Adi. Shatakshi is a sophomore in Electrical Engineering at Boise State University, Boise, Idaho and has performed at several cultural events worldwide.

Ayush Goyal, Shatakshi's brother, will present a Vedic Science seminar prior to the festival, as well as handle the Questions & Answers Booth during the event.

Throughout, festival goers can purchase hot meals of the regional cuisine, consisting of curries with homemade cheese (paneer), rice pilao, blueberry hallava, papadams, mitai(sweets), chaat (finger foods), mango lassi etc.

There will be exhibits on the art, culture, dance styles, history, and cuisine of Himalayan India. Arts, crafts, apparel, jewelry, CD's, brass ware, books, deities, and wall hangings will sell in the temple gift store and at outdoor booths.

Admission fee is $ 3.00 adults, $ 1.00 children.

For more information contact Caru or Vai at 798-3559/787-1510 or visit the web site