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Book distribution Seminar in NYC:
"Creative, Painless New Methods of Book Distribution."

by Vaisesika das

Posted May 22, 2005

"Regarding your question, actually it is a fact that ultimately everyone should preach and distribute books if they want to please me in the best way. Book distribution must be given stress always." (Srila Prabhupada letter to Brahmananda 1969)

Please join us for two a two-day book distribution seminar at ISKCON's Brooklyn temple. For accommodations during the seminar please contact Ramabhadra dasa (temple president) at: or call 718 855-6714.

The seminar will be held over two days -- Thursday June 9 and Friday June 10 -- and will start after breakfast prasadam on both days. We will share tips for enhancing one's personal sadhana and attendees will learn the fundamentals of how to distribute small, medium and big books and will be given a chance to practice during daily on the job training (O.J.T.) sessions.

The seminar includes material suitable for temple managers who want to increase their temple's book distribution programs through planning, organization and innovation.

We will reveal new varieties of book distribution that will accommodate all kinds of devotees who now think they cannot do book distribution or presently cannot stand doing it.

Prepare to be surprised. Devotees everywhere are uncovering creative, innovative methods that can be employed and enjoyed by devotees with a wide variety of personality types (and that are virtually painless). Join us and find out how you too can catch and ride this new wave of book distribution that is sweeping North America.

Please let us know if you plan to come. Space is limited and is filling up fast.

For more information about the seminar, please contact me at

Hope to see you there.

Hare Krsna.
Your servant,
Vaisesika dasa