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Vaisnava personal transformation seminar

by Srinitamba d.d.

Posted May 22, 2004

Hare Krishna!
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I recently took part of the "Vaisnava personal transformation seminar" held by Dhira Govinda das. I would like to share some of my experiances with you all!

This seminar was the best thing I have ever done in my whole life. I have never had such a profound, genuine experiance of my true self as in this seminar. It has changed and helped my life in so many ways. It was extremely intense and in many ways challenging, and I really went to the deepest core of myself.

Dhira Govinda prabhu's way of dealing with each and every individual was amazing to see. I've never seen anything like it before. He was praying so intensily for everyone. I was very impressed at how he was there for each and every person with so much attention, care and expertice. The transformation which took place within each and everyone is the most intense and amazing thing I've ever seen or experienced. You could really percieve different manifestations and qualities of the soul coming out, qualities which had been hidden for so long.

After having released quite alot of pain, anger and hurt, I felt completely different. I experienced myself as simply a spirit soul full of joy, life, strength and peacefulness. For the first time in my life I was "resting in myself" in a way which I have never experianced before. Even my face looked different, others told me - my skin looked softer, my eyes turned clearer. I felt that I had gotten rid of a heavy burden. It was an experience that I will never forget and I carry it with me in my life.

I experienced that all of us gave ourselves fully to each other, really from the heart. There was a wonderful exchange of giving and recieving within the group. It wasn't on the "sentimental" level but really coming from within. In six days we went through so much together and learnt to trust one another.

In my daily life I get more things done in one day since I am now able to focus and concentrate better. I work my way through problematic situations without giving up. I encounter people differently than before and am learning how to set my limits in order not to get run over or exploited by others. Also I view people in a deeper way, trying to understand what's behind their particular behaviour. With the help of the seminar, I have been able to clean out my past and am not letting past experiences of life control me anymore. And I have learnt a lot about taking responsibility for my own life.

My spiritual life has also gained so much from this seminar. I feel much more connected with my chanting than before. It is coming so much more from within, from my heart. I feel a great gratitude that I am allowed to chant and look forward to chanting my rounds every day. I realized I have so much more to give to Krishna. I feel that although I have been serving Him for many years, I had in a way been hiding from Him because I didn't know in a deep way who I am and what I have to give. The seminar has given me so much inspiration and a deep gratitude and thankfulness towards Krishna and others. It has also helped me to purify and work on my motivations towards Krishna and others.

I came to understand where I am at, both materially and spiritually, and how to proceed from there. I got to take an honest look at myself. It was very healthy and I believe it is something very important and valuable for everyone.

I and my husband feel deeply thankful to Dhira Govinda prabhu. What he is doing is someting so incredibly valuable. He truly deserves all support and appreciation for what he is doing, and for how much he is giving of himself in his service. I would so much like to see everyone take part of this seminar. If you give 100% it can change your whole life and existence. It is not only meant for those who know they have alot to work out in their lives or in their past. It is for anyone who would like to improve the quality of his/her life, service, spiritual life, carreer, relationship or whatever area desired.

It is also my deep conviction that this seminar can help to improve Prabhupada's movement, and turn it into a house where really everyone can live.

Hare Krishna!

your servant
Srinitamba dd.

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