Chakra Announcements

Radhadesh convention

by Kanca-vali d.d.

Posted May 20, 2004

Radhadesh 29 June - 3 July

The ISKCON Convention Europe seminars in Radhadesh will be taking place from Tuesday 29th June to Saturday 3rd July. There will be a Ratha-yatra in Paris on Sunday 4th July. A bus will be organised to take devotees from Radhadesh to Paris.

The ISKCON Convention was started in 1991 in order to provide a forum for devotees to get together for spiritual association and to discuss topics of interest to ISKCON in an open and thoughtful way. Originally the Convention came out of cooperation between ISKCON Communications Europe and the VIHE (Vaishnava Institute for Higher Education).

The Convention takes place each year in Radhadesh, the Hare Krishna temple in the Belgian Ardennes. This is a good place for the seminars because of the nice facilities for delegates as well as the pleasant and peaceful surroundings.

This year the Convention is looking to again reaffirm its commitment to the ideal of candid discussion and is organising a series of lectures from eminent scholars and devotees about important issues of the day with discussion afterwards.

Your servants,
Shaunaka Rishi Das, Braja Bihari Das and Hrdaya Caitanya Das

For registration for the seminars please contact:

Rasa Parayana
Tel/fax: +32 (0)86 38-71-31

Please register by 10th June

The poster is on the internet at:



When you attend the seminars the price is:

125 Euros for dormitory with common bathroom (regular temple facilities)
165 Euros rooms for 4-5 persons with attached bathroom (guesthouse facility)