Chakra Announcements

Burning Man 2007

by Nitai dasa

Posted May 19, 2007

Later this summer devotees will be setting up Krishna Camp at the annual Burning Man Festival. Burning Man is a week-long festival with international draw, held annually. This years festival dates are August 27 to September 3rd. Its current location is on the playa of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, 90 miles northeast of Reno. The temporary city (housing 65,300 residents in 2006) is put forth as an experiment in community, radical self expression, and radical self reliance. The culmination of the event is the burning of a large wooden sculpture of a man(ravana) on Saturday night, the sixth night of the event.

Krishna Camp will bring to Burning Man a rich heritage of spiritual culture with amazing vegetarian food, astounding performances, fire yajnas, awe-inspiring dance and addicting music amidst unique and thought provoking art installations.

It is ISKCON's sincere desire to continue to expand North America's largest outreach event, so please come and participate for a week of chanting, dancing, and feasting.

Photos and Video from last years festival can be viewed at

Anyone interested in volunteering, sponsoring prasadam, books or other festival expenses can contact us at info@ or 347.414.0179